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About Elise

I have always wanted to create a fashion blog. It was just something that seemed like a good fit for me. So here it is, my introduction to the fashion world. A little bit about myself…

Writing is my passion and my life. I grew up the eldest of four children, three of us being girls, so needless to say, our lives have been filled with fashion. My mom had, still has actually, very good taste and has always taught us to create an individual style. She is also an English teacher, which explains my passion for the written word. This is something I have wanted to pursue for my entire life and I intend to as a career. 

I'm entering my second year of college as an English major. My love for novels, poems, magazines, and basically all things literary had seeped its way into my plan of becoming a dermatologist. And frankly, the urge to spend my entire life editing and publishing won out.

As far as this blog, my goal is to, along with Jill, put my passion for clothing, jewelry, beauty, and details into words and pictures. This blog will consist of designers and the up-and-coming in fashion, naturally. But even further, drawing inspiration from my friends and peers, I will show you what style is all about for me. So I encourage you to take on this journey with us, learn a little something, and help us learn a bit about your tastes and ways in which you incorporate high fashion into your life. Fashion is beyond the superficial. Its is affected by the times, by politics, by everything. And don't dare think that you aren't into fashion. I know you're affected by it first and foremost because you are reading this, and secondly, because, in the words of some of the best fashion editors, you have to get dressed when you wake up in the morning.

xoxo Elise

Bringing sunshine to the world, one outfit at a time, since 1992.