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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, lovelies!

I hope you have a wonderful day full of ridiculous fashion choices!

Olive (from Easy A), Scar, Nerd, Roman Goddess, Biker Chick



Sunday, October 30, 2011

Addiction of the Moment: Essie Nail Polish in Sandy Beach

So my newest mani is probably my favorite by far. Essie Sandy Beach nail polish is a translucent, shiny shade of nude and it matches my skin color flawlessly.

Photo Credit

The mani on me:

As I mentioned, the color is nude and matches my skin color super well, which is part of the reason I lovelovelove it!

What do you think about this color?

Wishing you love and fashion inspiration,


P.S. You voted, I listened...I'm keeping the shoes!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yay or Nay?: Shoe Purchase Round 2

Hello, Lovelies!

A few months back I did a post about an impending shoe purchase. The wild popularity of that post and the phenom responses I got via email compelled me to bring this style of post back. This time around, it's another pair of wedges. The difference? I already bought this pair. So, I ask you, my darling readers, do I keep these wedge booties or return them?

Image via Google Images.  Mossimo Supply Co. Kloe Bootie, $29.99 Target.

They're olive green, which is different for me, but a great style, and they're suede, which is my absolute fave texture for shoes in the fall. Let me know what you think by responding to the poll in the left pannel of the page! Poll closes at noon tomorrow, so be sure to vote and check back to see what I've decided!

Wishing you love and fashion inspiration,


Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome to America, Joe Fresh!

The Joe Fresh line, originally spawned in good old Canada, is innately preppy and hopelessly classic. So pretty much, right up my alley. I heard about this brand first through some superfab Canadians and then in magazines like Elle and Nylon, all singing the praises of brand developer Joe Mimran. You may recognize the name if you know a thing or two about the geniuses behind my favorite store that I can't afford (cause, you know, I'm a broke college student) Club Monaco.

My point? The brand is gracing America (Finally!) with 5 flagship stores in our fashion Mecca that is NYC.  Here are some of my favorite pieces from the line, which I must say, is pretty affordable and will become a rival to my beloved H&M...

I lovelovelove stripes and sweaters. That in combination with a killer price of $19. Be still my heart. 

Super cute, super chic skirt, at a superfab price of $39. 

Things I love more than fantastic shoes? Nothing. At $79 these babies will be mine.

Did I forget to mention there's a beauty line? I did? Silly me! The line includes products for eyes, lips, nails, and face as well as brushes and beauty accessories, all affordably priced.

Get the perfect pout with this juicy pink lip stain, only $6.

So there you have it, the overview of the Joe Fresh line. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these items or for a flagship store to open somewhere here in the mitten!

Wishing you love and fashion inspiration,


Friday, October 21, 2011


So today is the first day of Teen Vogue Fashion U, which I got into but unfortunately will not be able to attend. I was super duper upset to find out I couldn't go, and will forever be bitter that I won't be able to see my beloved Michael Kors as the keynote speaker. They are offering the program, for the first time ever, online, and if I take that route (although it won't be as wonderful as being in the city of my dreams with the fashion elite for a weekend), I'll be sure to post about the experience here!

Still bitter, but nonetheless, wishing you love and fashion inspiration,


Splash Away! 4 Great Rain Boot Selections

So, I've recently lost my fondness for rain boots. It may be that my Coach pair fits awkwardly on my calf and requires leggings or tights in lieu of real pants. Or, it could be that I just hate rain. These boots are practical though, whether you're in college and walking around all the time or in a climate that has pretty sporadic weather. I've made a little grouping of cute rain boots that allow you to wear real pants and face ugly weather in style!

I see girls all over campus sporting Burberry rain boots. With plaid being super popular this fall, there's not doubt you'll see tons of this style during fall.

For the diva, these black and white rain booties by Vivienne Westwood are a chic option.
These Jeffrey Campbell boots are classic, chic, and would go with just about anything!

The classic rain boot company, Hunter, revamps their original boots with glossy and brushed metallic finishes!

Wishing you love, fashion inspiration, and relief from rain,


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Swap THIS for THAT: A Guide for the Beauty Maven on a Budget

Being in college and not having tons of money (or sometimes having money but spending it on things necessary to survive, like endless amounts of coffee) has taught me a thing or two about streamlining products and finding things that work well without breaking the bank. For example I used to spend $40 every 3 weeks on foundation. Ridiculous, I realize. But now I've found some alternatives which I can pick up at places like CVS and Target which are everywhere rather than scoping out a Sephora (or even worse, spending a fortune on products and then spending a fortune to have them shipped to my apartment). Mainly, I want to bring light to drugstore products that are pretty equal in quality to their expensive counterparts.

So, let's get started with Swap THIS for THAT

My old foundation:

Not gonna lie, this was an AMAZING  foundation, but the $40 price? Not so much.

Swapped for my new foundation:

For the price of the above foundation, I could get two months worth of these 3 products, which are about $6.99 a piece.

My old bronzer:

I loved this bronzer, but not the price, which hits at around $30.

My new bronzer:

At about $12 and with pigment that isn't too dark and doesn't turn me orange, this baby is  a winner.

My old mascara:

We're talking $24 mascara. Couldn't bring myself to it any more.

My new mascara:

I lovelovelove this mascara and it's  $8 price. 

My old eyeliner:

At about $20-ish, I knew I could get matching quality for a lesser price. 

My new eyeliner:

This is $9 and makes a superfine or a superthick line. Perfect for my daily dose of cat-eye.

My old lip stain:

Spending $15-ish on a product I used only on occasion seemed silly and frivolous.

My new lip stain: 

$6. This is $6. Doesn't get better than that.

As far as blush, I'm still spending beaucoup bucks because I just cannot get myself to part from my lovely NARS shade. For eyeshadow, I've always gone for Maybelline or L'Oreal, because they're a great value and have some pretty awesome color options. 

I hope this proved helpful to you lovelies! 

Wishing you love and fashion (and beauty!) inspiration,


Monday, October 17, 2011

Elise's Top 10 Fall Must Haves

Hello, Lovelies!

Happy Monday! Today I'm delving into my top 10 must haves for the fall season. Instead of being my usual wordy self, I'm going to let the items do the talking. Enjoy! And, oh yeah, gimme some feedback and let me know which products are getting you through this next half of fall semester!

Top 10 Fall
Head over to Polyvore and check out my stuff (search me: ess912) and find specific product info for this set!

Wishing you love and fashion inspiration,


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Addiction of the Moment

Knowing full well I had a weekend full of homework ahead of me, I decided to romp around stores and put off all of my work until today. What did that bout of procrastination get me? Well, it got me a little bit of stress, a pot full of coffee, and my newest nail polish addiction. A beautiful nude/ cafe au lait color, Essie's Brooch the Subject nail polish is current manicure color and addiction of the moment!

Have a peep at this absolutely phenom color below!

This lovely shade is available at Target, drugstores, or the Essie website!

Wishing you love and fashion inspiration,


Friday, October 14, 2011

The Most Wonderful Season of the Year: It's Officially Fall

And so it begins...the beginning of the fall season in the mitten. Our temperamental "let's be summer again-- in October!" phase has passed (to both my dismay and excitement) and we're on to bigger, better, and more camel-colored things. So be sure to stick with us for all things fall to come. But first, a few lessons in dressing for weather from Elise's recent sartorial mishaps...

1. Wedges are not meant for days when it is supposed to rain. Even if it isn't scheduled to rain until all of your classes have ended, weather has a mind of its own and is forever out to sabotage your outfit.

2. Blazers are the most amazing fall staple ever. Paired with jeans and a cute tee or even a dress, they keep you warm when its chilly and can be taken off when summer decides to be a tease and rear its head the week before midterms. Also, more structured than sweaters, blazers are able to withstand a bit more, weather-wise at least.

3. Rain boots, although not the greatest look, are essential for the never-failing fall downpours. Most days have been wonderfully sunny and only slightly chilly, but there have been a few stormy days and it would be beyond wise to be prepped with rain boots, even if they don't live up to the chic level of your suede or leather slouchy bits of footwear loveliness.

Stay chic and check back for fall stories to come!

Wishing you love, fashion inspiration, and the wisdom to dress for the weather (even if it compromises your superfab ensemble),