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Friday, August 27, 2010

Frock It Out: The Photoshoot III

Welcome to the third and final post of Frock It Out: The Photoshoot. But don't be sad, we have more posts coming up that feature more than just the group's individual looks! With that said, we'll explore the outfits of the final two girls of the group!

"The Sara"

"The Sara" epitomizes the ability to blend everyday pieces with trendy extras. Sara has a laid back yet always pulled together look. When I asked her how she described her style she said, simply, "easy going, I guess," but she definitely knows how to add flair. In this look, she dons a simple pair of denim shorts with a hot for summer nautical navy and white striped top. For some added contrast to her look, her top billowed, while her shorts were fitted. Her look is easy to re-create, giving anyone that effortless "I just woke up looking pretty and chic" look. Try something like this for class, for hanging out with friends, or glam it up for a date!

"The Moira"

For "The Moira" I'm going to go in a bit of a differnt direction by analyzing both of her photoshoot looks.
Her style in general has balance--with out compromising fun, of course--whether it's mixing brights and neturals, or fitted and billowy. In the pictured outfit you'll find two well-executed examples: a billowy top and skinny jeans and a netural shoe with a raspberry top. The necklace and sunglasses add a bit of flair. It's kind of hard to see here, but her sunglasses have colored frames and sides, but everything blends super well! In her other look (which you can see in the intro photo and in some shots from the other two posts) she pairs a taupe-y beige skirt with a white tee. The skirt is made interesting by the bow detailed front. She rounds out that look with a pair of tan, strappy heels. Her looks are quite versatile and in combination, could be worn for soooooo many occasions!

Thanks to our readers for all of the feedback on these posts! Keep it coming! I also want to thank our wonderful friends, Sara, Moira, Lauren, and Emily for helping out as models and photographers and giving both Jill and me some inspiration for future posts.

On a side note, I leave for college tomorrow and I'm super nervous excited! But what to wear for the first day of classes?


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Frock It Out: The Photoshoot II

So since the first installment of this went over well with you, (and I'm sooooo glad) here's part two! This post focuses on the looks of another two girls in our group, Lauren, and our fabulous photographer, Emily.

"The Lauren"

"The Lauren" embodies an All-American/ girl-next-door look. Super cute, and easy to wear every day and for every occasion, "The Lauren" is a college girl's go-to. She sports a basic cuffed pair of jeans and a flow-y Forever 21 top. The back of the top has some super cute crochet embellishment. She rounds out the outfit with a simple neutral pair of gladiators with gold studs, and a cuff to match. Lauren herself embodies this classic-ly simple style. To get her look, pair some skinny's with a top with character, add a headband or cuff, and remember to bring your smile! This look is a great one for class, lunch with friends, or just hanging out.

"The Emily"

"The Emily" much like "The Lauren" embodies a simple All-American dynamic. The keys here are function, comfort, and most importantly, style. Since she spent lots of the day photographing (thank you, btw!), she kept it cool and comfortable in American Eagle shorts and sweater (which I LOVE!). She accessorizes appropriately with a darling necklace and an essential for any wardrobe, a comfy pair of black sandals! This look is so accessible and easily adapted to changing seasons and crazy weather conditions, a harsh reality here in the mitten. Emily's look is great for summer activities, class, or just chilling!

To close, more shots from the photoshoot!

Jill with her favourite beatuy products. Urban Decay's shadow primer is a MUST own.

I couldn't be torn from my laptop! I got started on our first installment ASAP.

Dance party on the pier in the jungle that is my back yard :)

I hope all of you liked installment two and have some feedback for Jill and for me.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Frock it Out: The Photoshoot

Happy 100th post!!! Another exciting thing to top the crazily exciting things going on in my life right now (like my move to college in 7 days, and Jill's move in 10).

We decided, along with a group of friends, to all dress up and create Frock it Out: The Photoshoot, a fun bonding activity for all of us before we part ways for college and a great source of inspiration for the blog. Four of our friends helped us out with this project (props to Emily who had this great idea and shot most of the photos) and each of them has their own style which we will reflect on in posts to come.

To get it started, we'll take a look at the outfits worn by yours truly, the bloggers.

"The Jill" and "The Elise"

The Jill: With style so edgy, cool, and effortlessly chic, there's no doubt that Jill would be rocking this pair of harem pants from American Apparel coupled with a leotard! Burgundy is a great color choice for people with a skin tone similar to hers! She's definitely got the right idea here, pairing loose fitting pants with a form fitting leotard. This creates a wonderful contrast. She's also sporting a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and plain black oxford shoes to  tie it all together. Wear this look when strolling around your college town, for a day with friends, or glam it up for a night out!

The Elise: For a hot second, I've been loving the color blue, and not just for this outfit. It's been in my wardrobe tons lately and I can't seem to get enough. I'm into a style that is a little chic, a little preppy, and a lot timeless so I went with some staples in this outfit. I have a blue button down tucked into navy high- waisted shorts. A pair of Steve Madden nude wedges and a tan and gold belt from my sister's closet pull together this look. Try an outfit like this for the first day of classes or even an internship!

Here's a super well-done shot of us, taken by Em:

More installments are to come! Oh! And, let us know what you think!


Saturday, August 07, 2010

Konstantine - Something Corporate

Yesterday, I saw Something Corporate. It was an awesome show and an awesome experience being in like a conglomerate of people singing in unison.

This song literally made me cry live. <3


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Id Incinerator - The Color Bars

Going to Elise's today to make some delish foodski. =) Hilarity and pictures may ensue.


Monday, August 02, 2010

Romping Around

(Belt:Off A Random Sweater/Romper: I <3 Ronson/Flower:Claire's)

Hello Ladies and Gents ! New haircut (slightly) and color (thanks to the sun!). Anything easier to make big makes my day. Apologize for the bad lighting and failure to get other (much better) pictures up from Oscoda. Much love to you all. Gotta go! Swing dancing tonight ! 


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Back to School: Essentials to Supplement Your Wardrobe

When I woke up this morning and looked at my list of "Things-to-Do" I could not believe my eyes.

August...already? Where has my summer gone? Where have my pictures of my outfits from summer gone?

I move to school in a mere 27 days. I have mounds of clothes and dorm swag to prepare. The stress is mounting...for me, at least.

My goal is to make the transition to back-to-school a bit simpler for you all. It's personally a herculean task since i'm switching from the realm of my Catholic school plaid kilt and polo shirt uniform to real clothes. How do you dress for college? I know there are plenty of blogs that answer this question, and I adore them, but how will I know what's fitting for my campus? It'll be trial and error, I guess. 

Below are some similar and some exact pieces that I purchased to supplement what existing "wardrobe" I had. If you haven't yet noticed, I'm really into neutrals, and generally a bright purse or two does it for me as far as color. Some of these things can be transitioned from season to season, but others (okay, just the khaki shorts) are more meant for the end of August/early September months. Oh, and the jeans pictured below are on sale at Forever 21 for $7.50. Just sayin'.

These are just some basic things to get ideas for cute outfits going. Eventually, we'll be posting about bags and shoes and other things we find fit for school, and maybe even an instructional video or four.

Just bought this sweater. Looks ultra cute with an oxford and shorts, or rolled-up boyfriend fit capris.
Love the details here, super cute!
I adore this pattern. So summery!
Did you see what I wrote earlier? $7.50 a pair= I'm buying several.
I love khaki shorts because they're cute and preppy and look great with deck shoes. 
I have similar blazers in navy and tan, and they are just the perfect season transitional piece.
This scarf brings a great pop of color without forgoing my usual tastes and simplicity. It comes in bunches of colors, btw.
I love a good jacket. I need something to bring me out of my fleece rut.

Items 1-5, Forever 21
Items 6 and 7, Old Navy
Item 8, Nordstrom

Hope this helps you and gives me as many ideas as it gave me! Let me know what you think, and keep checking for things to come.