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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Frock It Out: The Photoshoot II

So since the first installment of this went over well with you, (and I'm sooooo glad) here's part two! This post focuses on the looks of another two girls in our group, Lauren, and our fabulous photographer, Emily.

"The Lauren"

"The Lauren" embodies an All-American/ girl-next-door look. Super cute, and easy to wear every day and for every occasion, "The Lauren" is a college girl's go-to. She sports a basic cuffed pair of jeans and a flow-y Forever 21 top. The back of the top has some super cute crochet embellishment. She rounds out the outfit with a simple neutral pair of gladiators with gold studs, and a cuff to match. Lauren herself embodies this classic-ly simple style. To get her look, pair some skinny's with a top with character, add a headband or cuff, and remember to bring your smile! This look is a great one for class, lunch with friends, or just hanging out.

"The Emily"

"The Emily" much like "The Lauren" embodies a simple All-American dynamic. The keys here are function, comfort, and most importantly, style. Since she spent lots of the day photographing (thank you, btw!), she kept it cool and comfortable in American Eagle shorts and sweater (which I LOVE!). She accessorizes appropriately with a darling necklace and an essential for any wardrobe, a comfy pair of black sandals! This look is so accessible and easily adapted to changing seasons and crazy weather conditions, a harsh reality here in the mitten. Emily's look is great for summer activities, class, or just chilling!

To close, more shots from the photoshoot!

Jill with her favourite beatuy products. Urban Decay's shadow primer is a MUST own.

I couldn't be torn from my laptop! I got started on our first installment ASAP.

Dance party on the pier in the jungle that is my back yard :)

I hope all of you liked installment two and have some feedback for Jill and for me.