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Friday, August 20, 2010

Frock it Out: The Photoshoot

Happy 100th post!!! Another exciting thing to top the crazily exciting things going on in my life right now (like my move to college in 7 days, and Jill's move in 10).

We decided, along with a group of friends, to all dress up and create Frock it Out: The Photoshoot, a fun bonding activity for all of us before we part ways for college and a great source of inspiration for the blog. Four of our friends helped us out with this project (props to Emily who had this great idea and shot most of the photos) and each of them has their own style which we will reflect on in posts to come.

To get it started, we'll take a look at the outfits worn by yours truly, the bloggers.

"The Jill" and "The Elise"

The Jill: With style so edgy, cool, and effortlessly chic, there's no doubt that Jill would be rocking this pair of harem pants from American Apparel coupled with a leotard! Burgundy is a great color choice for people with a skin tone similar to hers! She's definitely got the right idea here, pairing loose fitting pants with a form fitting leotard. This creates a wonderful contrast. She's also sporting a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and plain black oxford shoes to  tie it all together. Wear this look when strolling around your college town, for a day with friends, or glam it up for a night out!

The Elise: For a hot second, I've been loving the color blue, and not just for this outfit. It's been in my wardrobe tons lately and I can't seem to get enough. I'm into a style that is a little chic, a little preppy, and a lot timeless so I went with some staples in this outfit. I have a blue button down tucked into navy high- waisted shorts. A pair of Steve Madden nude wedges and a tan and gold belt from my sister's closet pull together this look. Try an outfit like this for the first day of classes or even an internship!

Here's a super well-done shot of us, taken by Em:

More installments are to come! Oh! And, let us know what you think!



  1. Wonderful pictures! Can't wait for more photoshoot pics (:

    Love the outfits too. Very "effortless chic", both of em!

  2. You all look so pretty. Lovely photoshoot.

    Don't forget to enter my Lucky Brand earrings giveaway!

  3. HAPPY 100th POST! Aw, don't you feel all old and nostalgic now? (Yeah, that was probably just me...)

    I love this photoshoot - it's WAY TOO ADORABLE. That pretty tree is pretty enough to eat up. Except for, you know, that might be weird...


  4. Nice! Everyone looks so pretty!
    I wish I was as photogenic as you guys are. =P

  5. you girls all look fabulous! :3

  6. thanks!! all of you are so kind! a couple more installments are coming soon and I hope you enjoy them just as much :)

    xox, elise