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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves.

Ahh soo I may or may not have missed a week...


Things have been a bit busy at my hizzouse, but now that the grad party is over (thank the baby gee) and the LAST uber busy weekend of graduation parties is now over, I am free to blog whenever I see fit.

AKA more than I have been, obviously.

So I'll generally be posting more along with actual outfit posts (I'm working on getting a tripod with my grad party money!).

Anyways, on to my actual subject: Cher.

Yes. Another one of my style icons who really pushed it to the limits. Known for her killer bod (even now!), long flowing locks, and her big voice, Cher has been pushing the fashion envelope since before Lady GaGa was even born.

Photo Credit: People.com but originally shot by AP photo

I mean, who can forget this Bob Mackie masterpiece when she won Best Actress in 1988 for Moonstruck. To me, this move alone just makes her the precursor to Madonna and Lady Gaga.  

But Cher has continued to surprise us again and again. 

This outfit is full of black and sparkles, just like the one above. I don't recommend wearing all of the items at once (unless you're going for that disco-ball look.) but one fierce item will surely brighten your waredrobe. 

Besides, taking a walk on the wild side is never a bad thing. 


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grad Party Outfit

So today is Jill's Grad party!!

In honor of this, I'm going to post about what I will be wearing.

I have this adorable tribal print dress in browns and taupes and burnt siennas that I've been waiting for an occasion to wear. I fell like Jill's party is the perfect opportunity to try out new outfits, seeing as fashion jumpstarted our friendship. So there's that.

As far as accessories, I'll be sporting a tan cross-body bag with gold studs, and probable a gold cuff because they're my favorite accessory on the planet. Oh, I'll probable throw in a Jesus bracelet, because I love those too. My feet will be adorned with Steve Madden gold gladiators, the most comfortable shoes on earth.

If i'm feeling photogenic, I'll take a photo or three to post up here, seeing as there are no pictures of me or  my outfits as of yet.

Anyhow, congratulations Jill!!! I'm excited for your party!

xoxo Elise

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get Your Skin in Summer Shape

So now that it's summer and I want to wear less and less makeup, and now that I actually have this thing called free time (amazing!), I've been taking the initiative to get my skin to a level of improved texture. For the few of you who have ever seen me without makeup on, you know my skin is just a temperamental mess. So I've added a few products to my routine to help make the dark spots and blemishes disappear.

I've learned that the best thing to help remove dark spots in skin is a whopping dose of vitamin-C. Like, not just eating and drinking vitamin-C rich foods, but having a moisturizer or skin treatments with high concentrations of it. 

This is currently the moisturizer I use. I have already noticed fading in the spots on my face, and makeup goes on quite well over it. It costs about $20, but you can get it at Target, which is ultra convenient. 

Another thing I absolutely never would have thought of, but works miracles is Mederma. My dermatologist told me to use a bit on my face every day. It reduces the risk of acne scars and fixes up any scars currently on the face. I had no idea that this scar treatment was safe for use on the face. One warning though, don't wear it on top of medicine, as you may irritate your skin and don't wear it under makeup. If you apply too much, it peels, and a peeling, makeup-y face is kinda gross. 


And as usual, drinking plenty of water is great for your skin. So is avoiding sugar, although it is not as impactful as some say, so you can continue your chocolate/candy/slurpee obsessions. 

Bronzer and blush always add a great summer glow, so I recommend using those products to enhance your newly renewed and perfected skin! 

Sunday, June 13, 2010


So with a schedule flooded with either work or graduation parties or both on the same day,  I've been forced into doing tons of thinking about the next chapter of my life, college. And not just the education sector, but the aesthetics of heading off to college.

For the last twelve years, I have been in Catholic school with a uniform. Now that I'm free to basically wear whatever I want (what a scary prospect!), I've been looking at necessities for my college wardrobe as well as some trendy pieces that flow from season to season.

Here's what I have come across and purchased this weekend:

-Oversize tees, both striped and solid. They look cute as a simple look with shorts or skinny jeans. My favorite are the striped one because nautical and summer just go so well together!

-Jeans. Obvi, they're a college staple.

-Sweats and yogas for bumming it up in the dorms

-Baggy racer-back tanks. I have a million of these. Most of them are solid colored an work great layered with sweaters and are long enough to be worn with leggings. I just bought an uber adorable nautical print one from Nordstrom.

-Chambray everything. I'm obsessed. Between my sister and I, we have a plethora of dresses and skirts in this casual yet chic material!

-Shorts, both regular material, denim, and high waisted. They help create varied looks and in varied length, can be used well into September, or even into the winter with tights, for those who dare!

-Crossbody bags. I'm used to large bags but these are super small and convenient for the times I don't need to carry so much.

-Large bags. I just bought the most AH-MAZING leather one from Steve Madden. It's black with gold accents and it's large enough to fit my laptop, which is a plus. It will most def be chicer than a backpack for class.

And I'm already starting to look for dorm decorations too. I'm not much of a picture person, my sisters are the photogenic ones in my family, so I've been paying articular attention to other items that would beautifully adorn my walls. I've found several eclectic and spectacular mirrors, but in fear of coming off to my roomie as a narcissist, I've held off on purchasing those. I've found some amazing bedding too, and I'm super excited to buy it!

Have you thought about making purchases for college yet? Am I just being the typical overambitious freshman? Let me know, I wanna hear!

xoxo, Elise

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Fake Glasses Thing

Itttt may or may not have been a month or two since I have updated...

But now that orientation is done (fabulous experience by the way, I am now officially STOKED to move into Ann Arbor and experience life in the double A) and graduation parties are winding down (with the exception of this weekend...) my life is starting to get back in order ! 

But this blog isn't exactly about my life, sooo, I'll move on. 

Why, yes, I did buy these.

Anddd yes I have been wearing them like everyday. 

I am blind as a bat, and I really hate wearing my actual glasses: mostly because when I take them off I can't see at all and it doesn't allow me a lot of leeway with sunglasses. I like these fake frames (urban outfitters, $10) because I can wear a bunch of different kinds of bold styles, without paying an obnoxious amount for each pair. 

I am especially a fan of the cat-eye glasses. Bringin' it old school ! 

Anyways, I promise to update more than I have been. I'll have to pick a day to do laundry and blog. Haha.