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Sunday, June 13, 2010


So with a schedule flooded with either work or graduation parties or both on the same day,  I've been forced into doing tons of thinking about the next chapter of my life, college. And not just the education sector, but the aesthetics of heading off to college.

For the last twelve years, I have been in Catholic school with a uniform. Now that I'm free to basically wear whatever I want (what a scary prospect!), I've been looking at necessities for my college wardrobe as well as some trendy pieces that flow from season to season.

Here's what I have come across and purchased this weekend:

-Oversize tees, both striped and solid. They look cute as a simple look with shorts or skinny jeans. My favorite are the striped one because nautical and summer just go so well together!

-Jeans. Obvi, they're a college staple.

-Sweats and yogas for bumming it up in the dorms

-Baggy racer-back tanks. I have a million of these. Most of them are solid colored an work great layered with sweaters and are long enough to be worn with leggings. I just bought an uber adorable nautical print one from Nordstrom.

-Chambray everything. I'm obsessed. Between my sister and I, we have a plethora of dresses and skirts in this casual yet chic material!

-Shorts, both regular material, denim, and high waisted. They help create varied looks and in varied length, can be used well into September, or even into the winter with tights, for those who dare!

-Crossbody bags. I'm used to large bags but these are super small and convenient for the times I don't need to carry so much.

-Large bags. I just bought the most AH-MAZING leather one from Steve Madden. It's black with gold accents and it's large enough to fit my laptop, which is a plus. It will most def be chicer than a backpack for class.

And I'm already starting to look for dorm decorations too. I'm not much of a picture person, my sisters are the photogenic ones in my family, so I've been paying articular attention to other items that would beautifully adorn my walls. I've found several eclectic and spectacular mirrors, but in fear of coming off to my roomie as a narcissist, I've held off on purchasing those. I've found some amazing bedding too, and I'm super excited to buy it!

Have you thought about making purchases for college yet? Am I just being the typical overambitious freshman? Let me know, I wanna hear!

xoxo, Elise

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