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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Fake Glasses Thing

Itttt may or may not have been a month or two since I have updated...

But now that orientation is done (fabulous experience by the way, I am now officially STOKED to move into Ann Arbor and experience life in the double A) and graduation parties are winding down (with the exception of this weekend...) my life is starting to get back in order ! 

But this blog isn't exactly about my life, sooo, I'll move on. 

Why, yes, I did buy these.

Anddd yes I have been wearing them like everyday. 

I am blind as a bat, and I really hate wearing my actual glasses: mostly because when I take them off I can't see at all and it doesn't allow me a lot of leeway with sunglasses. I like these fake frames (urban outfitters, $10) because I can wear a bunch of different kinds of bold styles, without paying an obnoxious amount for each pair. 

I am especially a fan of the cat-eye glasses. Bringin' it old school ! 

Anyways, I promise to update more than I have been. I'll have to pick a day to do laundry and blog. Haha. 


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