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Friday, July 30, 2010

Both Hands - Jay Brannan

One of my favorite songs evar. Jay does an awesome cover of an Ani DiFranco classic.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Rainbow Connection

Dear Camera and iPhoto,

Please let me upload my photos. It's really annoying me that you're not letting me. 

Much Love, 

P.S. Here are some other things that I like to keep you occupied. 

Currently looking for a Sgt. Pepper inspired jacket. 

Basically, Courtney Love is the coolest person on the planet. Princess Ai anyone?

Gwen Stefani is a close second. I have always admired her fearless style and pretty much died when she released L.A.M.B.

My very first style icon evarrr. I could never understand why Kermit got so annoyed with her sometimes. I wanted her to be my best friend.

I just like her hair...P.S. FFX-2 has oodles of craycray outfits that you wish you could get away with wearing, but there is just no way ever they would be functional in real life. Disappointing.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

From Fashion Rut to Brilliant Idea

Sooo I've been in a  bit of a fashion rut, and generally unmotivated to be adorable.  In need of inspiration, I took out my iPod touch and opened the Forever 21 app, and voila, inspiration. I had a not so obnoxious version of this hair clip my freshman year of high school, and it was strong enough to hold an entire ponytail of my ridiculously thick mane. This brought back memories of some of my greatest hair days. 

The following is an outfit inspired by this totally brilliant and bedazzled hair clip:

I love the dress because it has that I'm super sweet and innocent look. Plus, the cardigan is a great option for a summer-to-fall transition. To amp up this look a bit, try out a great colored flat or bag! 

All items are from Forever 21. Hair clip: $2.80, Dress: $13.50 Open-front Cardigan: $22.80. Pretty good, ne c'est pas?

Hope you liked this outfit, let me know what you think!

xoxo Elise

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"...cans of food, filtered water, and pictures of you."

Dress: Tracy Feith for Target/Flower:Claire's/Necklace: Juicy Couture

Graduation party attire. Oh. The. Joy.

"If you change your mind, I'm the first in line."

Vest: I <3Ronson/Shorts: Target/Black Tank:Momma's closet.../Booties: Target

This is my chillaxin outfit. I am in love with jean on jean on jean on jean this season. I know it's like a fashion rule not to. Whatever. Screw the rules in this case. I bought this jean vest in May and have been wearing the heck out of it.

It makes me feel so rock and rolly.

Anyways. Art in the Park was this weekend. It was preettyyy rockkin. I bought a new pair of cute earrings (made of buttons!)  they'll be coming up in a future post. 

And now the obvious montage of pictures from the day...

Do you see this rooster? I wanted my mom to buy it for our lawn. Or my dorm room...
Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe with Bethany !  
We made her lunch!
I don't know if you can see this too well, but these neckpieces are SO COOL. Like. I don't think you understand how excited I was when I actually found them. I smell DIY bbys.

Another DIY project I'll probs be pursuing later in the year.

Moira, sitting at the loner table. Ahaha.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Elise's Update

Hey everyone! Happy 7/11 :)

I've been a bit neglegent lately. However, my neglegence was due to fashion, so it's practically still work. I am very proud to say that I have taken my wardrobe from its skimp state to a full-out fashionista's closet thanks to a bit of graduation money and some crafty shopping!

By the time you're reading this i'll be relaxing at the beach, enjoying my summer as it gradually fades away. But, with the fading of summer comes fall trends and back to school shopping (which I know all of you are secretly dying to start!) and makeovers, some subtle, and some increadibly drastic. I love getting all done up to start the season right, my birthday is, after all in September (usually during fashion week!), the January of the fashion year, and I've been searching high and low for a great eye brow tech and hair stylist, and I think I've found them. Enter shameless plug: my new fave salon is located in Laurel Park Mall. It's called Charisma and I completely love it. I encourage you to try it out and if you want specifics on the stylists, shoot me an e-mail. I have a hard time trusting people with my hair and eyebrows, but they do a fabulous job. More updates on back-to-school will be up in late July/early August. Promise.

Also, if you didn't already know, they opened a new Forever XXI in Twelve Oaks Mall. It's upstairs in the Macy's wing as opposed to it's previous location in the Lord and Taylor wing. It is seriously ridiculous...in a good way. It incorporates all of the Forever 21 affiliates and it's larger than my house. For real. Go, and call me if you want a shopping buddy.

That's all for now, as I'm still trying to get some outfit pics together to post. Have a great weekend!

xoxo Elise

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ingrid Michaelson - The Chain Live @ Berklee Performance Ctr

Hey guys ! Since I can't write up a good, coherent, fashionable, lovely, awesome, (insert another cool adjective here), every day I will probably be posting new music that I'm discovering to fill in the gaps. Because everybody loves a good jam.

Ingrid Michaelson is my homegirl and this is my most played track on itunes at the moment. So, I chose her for today.

Expect more indie rock and acoustic in the future!


Monday, July 05, 2010

Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair

(Pictures from hairflowers.net. You can order the same clips plus loads more from there!)

Yes. I know. Obnoxious, but cute, the floral trend has been around for quite some time now. Since we are now well into summer in the great state of Michigan (meaning it's scorching), throwing your hair into  a pony tail or messy bun just makes life a lot easier. Adding a little bit of color with a clip in flower is an easy way to spice up your normal hair do. I prefer natural looking colors instead of the blues and greens, just because I feel like they're more summery. 

Anyways. I've got to go. It's disgustingly hot and humid and I just finished my iced coffee. Chowing down on a cookie and about to get another one.