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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Rainbow Connection

Dear Camera and iPhoto,

Please let me upload my photos. It's really annoying me that you're not letting me. 

Much Love, 

P.S. Here are some other things that I like to keep you occupied. 

Currently looking for a Sgt. Pepper inspired jacket. 

Basically, Courtney Love is the coolest person on the planet. Princess Ai anyone?

Gwen Stefani is a close second. I have always admired her fearless style and pretty much died when she released L.A.M.B.

My very first style icon evarrr. I could never understand why Kermit got so annoyed with her sometimes. I wanted her to be my best friend.

I just like her hair...P.S. FFX-2 has oodles of craycray outfits that you wish you could get away with wearing, but there is just no way ever they would be functional in real life. Disappointing.

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