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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Stopping by Elise's on a Snowy Evening

Stopping by Elise's on 
a Snowy Evening

This snowy forest looks gorgeous!

I'm partial to the navy blue sky in this one, but the snow's pretty too!

How nice would it be to sit near a roaring fire such as this one?

An idea of what my back yard looks like, but with more trees and less pond...

Right now, I'm sitting at the island in my kitchen looking at the picturesque view through my window of the pond that is my back yard. Despite my distaste for snow, everything looks darling coated it white. It's a prettier snowfall than most have been this year, and I'm delighted. The cold on the other hand, has been a major issue with me today. I have been freezing ever since my alarm went off at five this morning. And though my uniform is definitely not enough to keep me completely warm, it gets an A for effort.  But, there is really nothing more fun or relaxing that sitting with a hot cup of coffee or tea (both, in my case today), wearing a chunky scarf, bundled in several cable knit sweaters and blankets, and writing. It's my favorite thing to do, and I'll feel much less guilty doing it granted we have the fortune of a snow day tomorrow. Hint, hint.

Let us know what makes you comfy on a snowy evening like this!

Anyone get the Robert Frost allusion in the title?

1 comment:

  1. I got the Frost reference.
    And my favorite thing is to curl up in bed or by the fire with a good cup of coffee (= or in the Bean, of course.