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Friday, August 27, 2010

Frock It Out: The Photoshoot III

Welcome to the third and final post of Frock It Out: The Photoshoot. But don't be sad, we have more posts coming up that feature more than just the group's individual looks! With that said, we'll explore the outfits of the final two girls of the group!

"The Sara"

"The Sara" epitomizes the ability to blend everyday pieces with trendy extras. Sara has a laid back yet always pulled together look. When I asked her how she described her style she said, simply, "easy going, I guess," but she definitely knows how to add flair. In this look, she dons a simple pair of denim shorts with a hot for summer nautical navy and white striped top. For some added contrast to her look, her top billowed, while her shorts were fitted. Her look is easy to re-create, giving anyone that effortless "I just woke up looking pretty and chic" look. Try something like this for class, for hanging out with friends, or glam it up for a date!

"The Moira"

For "The Moira" I'm going to go in a bit of a differnt direction by analyzing both of her photoshoot looks.
Her style in general has balance--with out compromising fun, of course--whether it's mixing brights and neturals, or fitted and billowy. In the pictured outfit you'll find two well-executed examples: a billowy top and skinny jeans and a netural shoe with a raspberry top. The necklace and sunglasses add a bit of flair. It's kind of hard to see here, but her sunglasses have colored frames and sides, but everything blends super well! In her other look (which you can see in the intro photo and in some shots from the other two posts) she pairs a taupe-y beige skirt with a white tee. The skirt is made interesting by the bow detailed front. She rounds out that look with a pair of tan, strappy heels. Her looks are quite versatile and in combination, could be worn for soooooo many occasions!

Thanks to our readers for all of the feedback on these posts! Keep it coming! I also want to thank our wonderful friends, Sara, Moira, Lauren, and Emily for helping out as models and photographers and giving both Jill and me some inspiration for future posts.

On a side note, I leave for college tomorrow and I'm super nervous excited! But what to wear for the first day of classes?



  1. Ooo cute photos. Can't wait to see more. Both girls sound like they have an awesome sense of style.

  2. OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS ARE FAR TOO ADORABLE AHHHH. (sorry, that was one mess of a sentence.) But really. I LOVE that first pic! I'm so jealous! I'm rounding up all my friends to do one! YAY.

    I love how you've described all your friends' styles. I like doing that, too. Except for in my head hahah.


  3. such adorable photos! can't wait to see more!

  4. the first picture made me smile so big. THE BEATLES! weee


  5. hahah, love the first pic. Good luck with college.xx


  6. i love the abbey road parody of the first photograph :) and both these looks are gorgeous!
    x x x

  7. i love the effortless chic looks!
    really something you can wear daily...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  8. That first picture is too cute, aww! You both look amazing. <33

  9. Love the eloquent descriptions of the styles.
    Not only is that alliteration, it is also such a cute idea! (heehee)

    Also, I love the blog title. So clever! ;)

  10. first picture reminds me of a beatles photo!

  11. I really like the little descriptions of each style. so cute.

  12. I still love these pictures! I hope the first picture is being well utilized. As in all ladies have a matching display picture on Facebook! (The ultimate sign of a great photo, hahah.)

    Hope your classes go superbly! DRESS TO IMPRESS.


  13. lovin the abbeyroadness of the first pic :D

    and im lovin toe cleavage! its okay to make things up, last year my friends made up lip cleavage which is them part of your lip. and they really got into it that they even made a lip cleavage queen and gave her a paper crown that had a lip on it.yeah...