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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Workout Faves

It's ridiculously hot outside here in the mitten. Like, 100 degrees hot. And it's muggy too, which means puffy, frizzy, nasty hair!!! Mmmmm so lovely. So, now I'm sure you're wondering "What fashion choices will she make to get through the heat?" Or maybe you aren't. Regardless, I'm going to tell you. Workout clothes. Yes, I'm working out even amid the crazy heat-advisory-ozone-action-day weather. So without further ado, my very fave workout items:

I absolutely love yoga pants for working out. Depending on the weather, I choose either the full length or capri styles, a variation of which is pictured here. I also am super into wearing shorts for when I'm running or braving the new elliptical that now lives in my basement. And I honestly could not survive a workout without my iPod! Music helps me get through the workout and the heat!

Wishing you love, fashion inspiration, and relief from the heat,


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