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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fashion for Beginners: Michael Kors

Many will argue that the quintessential American designer is none other than Ralph Lauren. To an extent, I would agree, seeing as he's the man behind the polo shirt and such. However, there is one American designer who is dear to my heart and will forever manage to creep his way onto my Amex bill. And he's the one, the only Michael Kors.

I'm not going to outline his life so much in this post, because I want to load it up with pictures of designs of his that I'm smitten with. I will say this though--he's the only reason I ever watched project runway.

Below is a little polyvore set I compiled of some of my fave items from both the Michael Kors collection and the slightly less expensive MICHAEL Michael Kors collection.

Michael Kors
As you can see here, many of the items are neutral and classic. They can be used as staples and accessorized to create a glam, demure, or classic look--basically, his pieces are a canvas, and depending on your style, you can add to them to reflect your personal tastes. It is this quality that makes Michael Kors such an amazing designer in my mind. Nothing is over done, nothing is ostentatious. The lines in themselves cater quite well to many people's personal tastes, which is phenomenal.

My favorite item in this set is the watch. I'm a huge fan of men's watches simply because they are large and fabulous. Michael Kors watches provide the same look and level of "wow" as men's watches with simple adjustments, such as the addition of stones and shiny gold plating, to make them a bit more feminine.

What do you think of Michael Kors and his collections? Just right? Too simple? I would lovelovelove to know!

Wishing you love and fashion inspiration,


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