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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Back to School: Essentials to Supplement Your Wardrobe

When I woke up this morning and looked at my list of "Things-to-Do" I could not believe my eyes.

August...already? Where has my summer gone? Where have my pictures of my outfits from summer gone?

I move to school in a mere 27 days. I have mounds of clothes and dorm swag to prepare. The stress is mounting...for me, at least.

My goal is to make the transition to back-to-school a bit simpler for you all. It's personally a herculean task since i'm switching from the realm of my Catholic school plaid kilt and polo shirt uniform to real clothes. How do you dress for college? I know there are plenty of blogs that answer this question, and I adore them, but how will I know what's fitting for my campus? It'll be trial and error, I guess. 

Below are some similar and some exact pieces that I purchased to supplement what existing "wardrobe" I had. If you haven't yet noticed, I'm really into neutrals, and generally a bright purse or two does it for me as far as color. Some of these things can be transitioned from season to season, but others (okay, just the khaki shorts) are more meant for the end of August/early September months. Oh, and the jeans pictured below are on sale at Forever 21 for $7.50. Just sayin'.

These are just some basic things to get ideas for cute outfits going. Eventually, we'll be posting about bags and shoes and other things we find fit for school, and maybe even an instructional video or four.

Just bought this sweater. Looks ultra cute with an oxford and shorts, or rolled-up boyfriend fit capris.
Love the details here, super cute!
I adore this pattern. So summery!
Did you see what I wrote earlier? $7.50 a pair= I'm buying several.
I love khaki shorts because they're cute and preppy and look great with deck shoes. 
I have similar blazers in navy and tan, and they are just the perfect season transitional piece.
This scarf brings a great pop of color without forgoing my usual tastes and simplicity. It comes in bunches of colors, btw.
I love a good jacket. I need something to bring me out of my fleece rut.

Items 1-5, Forever 21
Items 6 and 7, Old Navy
Item 8, Nordstrom

Hope this helps you and gives me as many ideas as it gave me! Let me know what you think, and keep checking for things to come.


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  1. So, I just became aware that the pictures aren't showing. I'm super sorry, and if you have any shred of an idea of how to make them show up, I'd love to know. Sorry again :(. This is the gazillionth time this happened. It's gotta be this mac.