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Monday, March 15, 2010

Give Me Li-Body or Give Me Death

Please excuse my horrible pun for the time being. I just could not help myself.

Last week, I got my hair cut. Nothing drastic, just a trim, but my I asked my hair dresser, "What should I do about my flat hair syndrome?" She handed me a volumizing foam and told me never to blow dry my hair upside down ever again.

Instead of using mousse, which tends to weigh my hair down, the foam is light and gives my hair enough body to end my flat-head problem. It also makes it easier for me to tease (when needed) and calms down my fly aways immensely. I recommend Herbal Essences Body Envy Mousse for thicker hair and Suave Volumizing Foam for finer hair, like mine.

The other thing that she told me was that body comes from the top layer of your hair. So instead of blow drying your hair upside down (which makes the bottom layer of your hair have the body), dry your hair from the root up and out. You can use your fingers or a round brush, if you're going for a more curly style.

I hope this helps everyone with this awful problem.


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