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Saturday, June 25, 2011

How-to: Choose Neutrals

Neutrals. You're probably thinking to yourself, "I know what colors are neutral. That's black and tan." If you're thinking that, you're probably thinking right. And you're also probably thinking wrong. Neutral colors go far beyond black and tan. There are a multitude of colors that may be classified as neutrals.

A quick definition of neutrals: colors that go with EVERYTHING. Except maybe each other. Sometimes.

And now, an actual list of the colors:

  • navy (my personal fave)
  • grey (my other fave)
  • brown
  • nude/tan/khaki
  • taupe
  • gray
  • black
  • white
  • olive
  • and, the wildcard...denim. Which, in fact, is not a color, but a fabric. One which happens to go beautifully with everything.
Like I said, neutrals go with just about any color, and are a great way to tone down something bright. A mixing of some of the neutrals tend to look awkward, for example, brown and olive or navy and black. In some instances, these may look all right, but only if done correctly. By that I mean if they're blended in a patter with other colors or something along those lines, your outfit will look fine. 

I hope this quick little lesson in neutrals was of help to you! And, as always, comments and suggestions are welcome!

Wishing you love and fashion inspiration,


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