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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Gaga...Oh La La !

Yes, we all know about Lady Gaga's infamous hair bow in her poker face video and out in the street, but not only has Lady Gaga been rockin' the interestingly childlike do, it has been showing up all over the runways at foreign fashion weeks !

I know it looks complex, but it's actually very simple. Trust me. If I can do it, anyone can. There is only one catch: you have to have at least medium length hair to get the hair to fold into your desired shape.

Of course you can always buy a bow to put on your head. But it looks  much more cool (not to mention natural) if you do it yourself with your own hair.

Other hair trends to look out for:

Colored streaks - Greys, pinks, and purples have been the most common. If you can rock it, wear it ! Take a couple risks, ladies. It's only hair and can always be cut off or dyed back.

Blunt cuts - Whether it's a blunt, heavy bang or just an unrefined end on normal length hair, blunt cuts are in and (I'm going out on somewhat of a limb) are here to stay. Simple to do and even simpler to manage, they look good on all kinds of faces.

Always remember to pick what looks best on you according to your skin tones and face shape. It can make a great cut go bad, if you know what I mean.

Also, I did a little youtube hunting for you all. This was the best tutorial for the bow that I found. Yes, she is speaking Japanese, but there are subtitles so you should be all set !

 - Jill

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  1. This bow is insane. I wish I could pull off, but I feel like I'd look a little out of my element.