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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Turn My Swag On

So, I know we've been talking up fashion week like crazy here on Frock it Out. It's quite an exciting time for fashionistas, journalists, and bloggers alike. Another reason why fashion week is the most wonderful time of the year is the swag. At shows, lavish gift bags filled with items such as iPhones, beauty and skincare products, mp3 players, and much more are often given to the most exclusive members of the fashion industry. Although designers and couture houses are cutting back this year, people will still get plenty of swag. So, why shouldn't you? Many of you are dedicated to the study of fashion (or our study of it, at least) but are unable to partake in the fabulousness that is NYFW.
For this exact reason, the Frock is starting its very first contest, Turn My Swag On (affectionately named after one of rapper Soulja Boy's songs).

This contest is for followers of our blog. Remember, it's never too late to become a follower via blogspot or bloglovin' and it takes five minutes, at most. If you are a loyal reader of our blog or are just catching it now, we want to hear what you think! Simply comment on what you like and don't like about the upcoming trends, designer shows, or designers themselves that we cover during fashion week. A random  winner will be selected at the end of NYFW and will be announced on a post within one week of selection. The winner of the contest will win a beauty swag bag courtesy of the girls at Frock it Out. We hope to see your comments on our posts and hear much more from you, our beloved and fabulous readers, as the spring season blooms to life!

Good luck and happy commenting!


Elise and Jill

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