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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fashion Update

One of the Girls Behind the Frock

As of lately, I have had a bit of writer's block. This is very unfortunate seeing as I have a rough draft of a paper due next week, a program to draw up, and I love writing about fashion, and it pains me to not have much to say. 

I did go on a shopping excursion this weekend, gladly finding something I needed for once. Usually when I shop with something in mind, I can never find it, which is sad because I leave those things to the last minute and am always desperate for whatever item it is. This trip was for a long, formal dress, which, personally, I am not a fan of (something that hits right at the knee is a great length for me). I needed it though for a formal event, so I said a prayer and went off to find the best deal on a dress that I could.

I would never have guessed the amount of luck I would have that day. I found a burgundy frock which fades out to fuschia as the dress goes on. It has a halter-type top with beading and an empire waits with the same beading. It was even a fairly good fit, the only alterations being in length and it needed a bit of taking-in at the waist. It's nothing major, but it came at a major price. I definitely did not realize the costs of alterations! The dress started out at an unreasonable price, but I was able to get it for practically nothing, which completely enamored me, seeing as I have quite expensive taste (which, unfortunately, I am never able to satiate).
Hopefully, I'll have some pictures up soon. 

The Grammy's

In real fashion news, the Grammy's were Sunday. I feel as though I shouldn't really mention them as much as I had planned due to the yawn that I experienced while watching red carpet fashion. Even Lady Gaga seemed to be on the conservative side, for her taste at least. Also, I never did find out if that "work of art" was an original Armani. I saw lots of Elie Saab on the red carpet, and a not-so-stunning Fergie spoiling the Emilio Pucci label as well. Luckily, fashion week is a mere nine days away and maybe, just maybe, the celebrities could learn a thing or two--I cannot wait for the runway line up. 

Shopping Plans?

I've been browsing through the slews of online shops in preparation for my wardrobe overhaul. I want a fresh start for spring which will include more risk taking. My style is very simple and charmingly classic, but I want a bit more of an edge. I am going to invest in some new basics as well as dabble into some of the larger known and more eccentric trends. 

There were several things that I saw and wanted to buy immediately, but tragically, I was held back by my conscience, which knows that my money would be better spent on college. Regardless, I am looking to buy some of what I saw.

Here's the breakdown:

Forever 21 had some great spring items. I don't recommend shopping in-store. If you know your size, you'll be much better off online as they have a huge and adorable selections of skirts, dresses, light jackets, and accessories for spring. 

Arden B has some super-cute dresses and tops for going out. They're on the pricier side, but their stuff is great, and true greatness comes at a price.

Aerie has this great light sweater. It's almost like a t-shirt in texture, but it's cut as a cardigan. They come in flirty spring colors. I most definitely encourage you to buy one!

Aldo and Nine West have some classic, neutral leather bags that will take you from season to season.

American Eagle is stepping up their game with a larger selection of dresses for the spring season. Thank goodness!

Paint your pout with some of Sephora's glosses. They have peach and rose shades pouring in. For your best color fit, try Smashbox's O-Gloss. This is not for the weak, however, as the gloss can go anywhere from pale pink to fuschia depending on your skin tone and body heat.

And, American Apparel never fails. Ever. 

Hope this helped! Stay with us for more fashion updates and coverage of NYFW 2010!

xoxo Elise

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  1. Forever 21 has always been one of my favorites. Lately I've been looking more into their branch, Heritage 1981 : I'm a huge fan. Mainly because it's the Earthy, Hippie-chic style I crave (=
    American Apparel is fabulous, I just wish they weren't so expensive. I love how basic their lines are.