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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On the Sixth Day of Fashion Week

On the sixth day of fashion week the industry gave me a Marc Jacobs line that's dreamy!

I am wholeheartedly in love with Marc Jacobs. I am also greatly in love with the movie the The Wizard of Oz. The connection? At last night's Marc Jacobs show (did you see it? It was enitrely genius and fabulous in the simplest and best way possible.) the models strutted their stuff down the runway to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," my favourite song from the movie. It was just oozing things I love. The line was fairly simple, but the clothes were gorgeous. Also, the models' natural looks gave all the more attention to the clothing.

Plus, for those of you wondering how to create a successful seating chart for all of those who are dying to be in the front row, but still separating those who must be separated, take notes! Jacobs had a box frame type structure at the front with all of the models inside. The floor was divided into multiple runways through which the models would weave which also means multiple front rows. Genuis, again!

The show was stunning overall, and here are some photos:

All of these looks are charming in their own ways. I especially love the whimsy and flowiness of the first two looks and the chic shades of gray and well cut pieces that make up the remainder of the collection.

Another line and designer that I adore is Zac Posen. Here are a few looks from his show (photos):

He definitely brings in the traditional fall colors in this line, much different than the gray and black hues that have been popping up in many looks. Notice the burgundys, browns, burnt siennas, flecks of gold, etc. Of all of the looks though, I love love love the first and the last. In the first, I love the chic simplicity of the traditional black and gray. In the last, I think that the pairing of the brown, pumpkin-pie orange, and burnt sienna make for a stunning fall ensemble.

What do you think? Which look is your favorite? When answering, give the initials of the designer with the number of the look, number one being the top, and ten or eleven the last look.

xoxo Elise

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  1. I really like all of the overall idea behind the Fall look. Everything is so crisp -- it screams "crunchy leaves !". I'm also a huge fan of the brown/black mix. It's so hard to make those colors work, but of course, this look masters it.