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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just For the Record

So today, there was another fabulous episode of Oprah, about shoes and accessories. They had a lot of talk about ankle boots and when and how to wear them. For instance,they said to match your boots to your tights and other similar words of wisdom.

This reminded me of a time when I wore a pair of camel-colored boots with an outfit that included a black sweater. Someone asked me if that was ok. So, just for the record, it definitely is ok to match tans/browns with black. In fact, it is ok to match many neutral colors, even black and navy. A quick warning: it's only allowed if they go well with the way you structured your outfit, and as long as it flows with the accessories.

That question also gave me an idea for a new series. If you have any questions regarding clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, hair, skin, makeup, basically anything fashion or beauty related, we are here to help set the record straight. Leave a comment, shoot one of us an e-mail, ask via facebook, or even ask us in person, and either Jill or I will be happy to help and feature that question in a segment of "Just For the Record."

Can't wait to hear your questions, and have an amazing rest of the day!

xoxo Elise

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