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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Warmth at Last!

With all of this warm, I have been the happiest girl of all time! And since I'm about to ditch my winter jacket, I'm in the market for a new spring jacket that's super cute. While perusing shopbop.com, I found this jacket, which is super adorable and super functional! I think it would even look cute with my uniform.

The zippers give it a cute edge, don't you think?
It's by AKA New York.

Also, the Oscars are tonight! I'm watching the red carpet show right now and I'm loving some of the dresses especially Maggie Gyllenhaal's (Dries van Noten?). Also, Elizabeth Banks looks stunning in Versace. But the greatness really comes into play with designer turned director Tom Ford. I just adore him! I can't wait to post updates on my faves! Stay tuned.

xoxo Elise

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