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Friday, April 23, 2010

To Scrunch or Not to Scrunch

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I'm going to include a disclaimer for this story before I even tell it. Here it is: Don't judge me for what I am about to tell you. 

I am a proud 90's child. I love Boy Meets World, Keenan and Kel, and I remember the first episode of Spongebob came out. Getting that out there, I was also that child, that on picture day, had the awesome side ponytail with the colorful scrunchie just chilling there on top of my head. I would show you the picture, but it's just too embarrassing. And to be honest, I was even less photogenic then than I am now (if that is even possible..)

So when I heard that scrunchies were coming back, my first reaction was one of devastation. I honestly thought that this horrific, tragic, lazy hair trend had gone away forever. But now, looking through the pages of Nylon Magazine, I have now been given a new hope for this sass-tastic fad. 

However, there are a couple rules. 

1. Stacking makes the look fun and gives your ponytail awesome lift (like the picture above).  It gives you just the right amount of childlike innocence, but you still look fashionable. 

2. Don't match your scrunchie directly to your outfit. That is definitely taking a step back into your Full House days. Instead, do a neutral color, like tan or black, or a complimentary color. 

3. Bright colors rock. Scrunchies are totally retro, and what could be more retro 80's than fluorescent pinks and greens?

Basically, go big or go home with this. This is not a hairstyle for the shy or faint of heart. 


P.S. American Apparel has a bunch of cute scrunchies. However, I know most of us have a secret stash hidden away somewhere. ;)

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