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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's been quite a while...

It's been quite a while since we've posted here at Frock It Out! College has gotten the best of us, I guess! But fear not, we def have not given the worlds of fashion and beauty up as a hobby. In a fit of boredom over my holiday break, I popped The September Issue into my laptop and played dress up like a five year old. That being said, I would like to share with you some simple and cute outfit ideas to jumpstart your spring wardrobe (although clearly, we're quite far away from spring, especially here in the snow and slush covered D).

I'm completely crazy over waist-cinching skirts. They work with tights, with sweaters tucked in, and they come in so many colors/textures/prints. I feel like they will overtake my wardrobe for the spring and summer months as they are a classic staple and generally scream cute and flirty.

Another thing that I've been really into lately is the concept of cute lounging around outfits. I love the over sized sweater/sweatshirt/top hybrids such as the one below with dance pants (yoga pants, as they're known to most people. I just like that the way i say it rhymes) or a pair of shorts for when I'm bumming around the dorms doing homework.

photo courtesy of forever21.com

I also am loving dresses, as usual. Below are two dresses I recently purchased. I absolutely adore the first, although I bought it in a gray and navy combo. It will be perfect for summer and will fit right into my nautically themed summer wardrobe. (How adorable would it look with deck shoes?!) The second is a super cute purple abstract floral dress, paired with a brown belt and tan boots. This dress would look great with a gold cuff or cute earrings and a natural, wavy hairstyle or deconstructed chignon.

photo courtesy of forever21.com and the other one is me so... that explains the not-so-stellar quality.

Enjoy! And stay fashionable :)

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  1. Yayyy! I've been waiting for a new post =) Can't wait to shop for spring! Thanks again, Elise !