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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


So since it’s starting to get warmer here in the mitten (well sort of, sometimes, or it at least looks like it is), I’ve felt a bit more of the fashion inspiration that initially swept me into the blogsphere. In honor of the sunny weather and warmth to come (and I’m crossing my fingers that it does; it’s still oh-so-cold, especially in the D) I wanted to blog about my recent fashion musings. 
With warmer temperatures and summer comes my staple navy and white wardrobe. Any of you who know me personally understand that I am really, really obsessive about my navy and white. They’re two of my favorite colors and neutrals and are a slightly less harsh alternative to my winter staples, black and gray. I’ve begun, however, to add colors into the mix that I would not normally lean toward when picking out an outfit. For example, I’ve recently taken to the color yellow, a color which, before now, I would have veered away from the same way I veer away from places like eight mile or anywhere on campus when it gets dark. But I digress...
Yellow was once a color I was fearful of because of my super light complexion. However, if found in the right shade, it adds a sunniness and warmth to any look for spring and summer. This goes for orange as well. A perfect example is the top I am currently wearing, a delicious blend of vivid orange, white, and navy, which you can see here. Sadly, they’re sold out in the pattern with the colors I’ve described, but I encourage you to use your imagination. And then multiply that greatness by 100. And that’s my top. 
I also took a fall staple, my navy boyfriend blazer, and threw it atop a multicolored dress from Forever 21. Add a pair of nude wedges, and you’re ready for summer. Below is a picture of this outfit. Sorry for the poor quality pic, it was an iPhone shot that I streamed through text, mostly so my sister could have a look at my cool new frock. 
I’ve also noticed my look getting a bit preppier. I now almost always look like I’m about to sail on a boat or take a trip over to Martha’s Vineyard. I really like it. The anchor accessories and monogrammed items have grown on me, and my love for boat shoes and nautical clothing have been evident since my childhood, so it’s a nice fit for me. It’s odd being able to put some sort of a label on how I dress. I promise, though, I am not a cookie cutter anything, and I try out new trends and such. I like being a little quirky, a little outside the box. Also, I just found out J. Crew gives a 15% discount to college students who present valid I.D. for in-store purchases. WIN. FOR. LIFE. 

Enjoy the beginning of spring time and try to stay motivated in the final stretch of the semester!

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