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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dress Like A Cool Hipster: Volume 1 - Elvis Costello

(image from google images)
Dearest Readers,
I am back with a vengeance. 
Your Beloved, 

School is officially over for me (for about a week...) and now I finally have time to post about things. Score. Anyways, I'll be starting a new series about how to dress like a cool hipster. Not that I don't think you guys are capable of doing this yourself, but it's always good to channel a notorious hipster when you're honing your hipster look. 

I would define a classic "hipster" as a person that the hipsters now take some of their inspiration from (even though the likelihood that they will admit that to you is about even with the likelihood that they will tell you what music is on their iPod, but that's a different story.). And it doesn't hurt that all of these classic hipsters are impeccably cool. And I want to be them. Maybe. Probably.

The first classic "hipster" we'll be focusing on is Elvis Costello. Born in 1954 in London, England he is known for constantly reinventing himself and for his awesome use of the English language in his songs. However many times he has reinvented himself, his classic and original "hipster" style has never really changed: thick rimmed glasses, patterned blazer, a pair of good jeans, and maybe a fedora or five. 

(image from google images) 

Here is a little something I put together to channel the original Napoleon Dynamite. 

InWear black tee
23 EUR - maryandpaul.de

D P Shop white blazer
$38 - yesstyle.com

Low rise jeans
9.99 GBP - hm.com

Dolce Vita black boot
$23 - target.com

Metal ring
34 EUR - modekungen.se

Cross earring
34 EUR - modekungen.se

Cross bracelet
8 EUR - colette.fr

Agent Ninetynine hat
$40 - generalpants.com.au

I attempted to keep it simple with the jewelry, but as per usual, I pretty much failed. 

I'll also leave you with one of my favorite Elvis Costello songs. You know, just in case you're ever in need of a jam. 

Mad love. 


1 comment:

  1. Baha! I love this. "Dress like a cool hipster." Serious respect, my dear.

    Hipster is such a funny term. It's used so much today. It carries the weirdest connotation.

    ANYWAYS. I want his glasses. Will that make me a hipster?