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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How-to: Wear Trends

I've been talking to some people recently and they've all brought up questions on how to wear certain things. For example, how to wear skinny belts, when it's okay to wear a pair of gladiator sandals, how to wear hats, etc. So I'm going to explain some ways to try out certain trends. There's no right or wrong way to experiment with trends, so these explanations are how I feel or what I, personally, would do.

Ok. First, skinny belts. I got a specific question about them, and it went something like this: Can you only wear skinny belts with high waisted things or can you wear them other ways?

Here's the dealio. I love love love skinny belts. I wear them with jeans, skirts, high waisted items, and on my hips. But if you're ambitious, you could try wearing two or three together. To do this, you would have to have them on your waist, because a bunch of belts on your waist would look more awkward than fashion forward. 

Gladiator sandals have been around for a while, and I love them. They're a type of shoe you either love or hate. They go well with just about anything, which is great. However, some styles go above the ankle, and those types would go best with a dress or skirt if it you have long legs. Otherwise, they will make your legs look short. They could also go with a skinny pant and go over the pant. 

As far as hats are concerned, you have to try them out on yourself to see what looks good. They look lovely with flow-y summer dresses, shorts, jeans, anything. This trend works truly according to personal preference.

Another thing I've been asked about are feather hair extensions and whether or not I've tried them. I liked them way back before they became the cool thing to have, and contemplated getting them but was wary of having something glue-fused into my head. I think they work on some people, and go better with straight hair.

Also, please remember that trends are not meant to be worn all together. That's just a mess and a sadface.

Thanks for the questions! And keep them coming either in the comments or to my e-mail!

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