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Friday, September 16, 2011

FashionWeek Reviews Part 2

So I'm not exactly on the same caffeinated buzz that I was on yesterday. That being said, this post probably won't be as ramble-y and likely not as exciting. But, fear not! I'm covering two amazing shows. So let's get down to business.

Today's post will feature reviews of two shows/collections. I know yesterday I said that Wes Gordon beat out Marc Jacobs, and with regard to his collection, he did. It appealed to me, personally, much more. However, I had the opportunity to watch the live-stream of the MJ show, and it was sublime. The music, the walking pace that became slightly more rapid toward the end, the colored lights--all genius. So, today I present to you my favorite collection and my favorite show.

Here's the breakdown:

Wes Gordon: With Wes Gordon's collection came a slew of blues and yellows, reds and nudes. The clothes were beautiful and extremely practical. I would wear nearly everything in the collection. Hair and makeup were simple and classic, just as the clothes were. Overall, a phenomenal collection. Take a peep at some pics:

Marc Jacobs: This show included looks that were very dreamy, filled with neutrals and metallics and icy grays. I found the cellophane-like pieces a bit much, but it's Marc Jacobs and he's entitled to do whatever his heart desires. The makeup was very simple, and like Wes Gordon, and many other designers, MJ and Nars went for a thicker, defined eyebrow. I'm absolutely showing that to my mother, who thinks I should thin mine out a bit. But I like them at the thickness they are, which is very much in line with pretty much every designer's concept at NYFW. I cannot stop singing the praises of the presentation itself which was truly and completely spectacular. I just wish I were as enthralled by the clothing in the same way I was entranced by the show. Not to say that everything wasn't cohesive, it absolutely was, I just preferred one part to the other.

Take a sec to click here for the looks from this show!

Have a lovely and fashion-filled day!


Photos from today's post and yesterday's post courtesy of Google Images. 

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