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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Extreme Nail Art

Have you ever seen someone with totally blinged out nails? Your thoughts were probably something along these lines when you first saw them: "Those are cute." or "Those are a  complete train wreck." 

Well, for the girls that don't think these nails are too tacky, there is hope for the future. Although the trend has not hit the states yet, embellished nails have been huge in Japanese fashion for years now. Though it just started with the pinky nail a few years ago, the nail art has started to cover all ten nails with various designs that include many different style motifs (some are even wedding themed!)

So, don't be afraid to try something new on your nails. My suggestions are dark nail polishes and bright, metallic colors (my favorite metallic is Avon's purple metallic color: it dries the fastest out of all my polishes). And if you're feeling especially creative, nail art pens are helpful to get the achieved design that you want, like an animal print. And if you're really daring, there are tons of nail appliqués, like rhinestones, that you can get at  your local drugstore to play with. 

Here's a cool little video showing how they make the nail art in Japan. It's a 3-D blossom. 

I want it. 


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