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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Four Fashion Must-Reads

So I thought I'd escape the world of fashion and beauty for a second (okay, not really, but it won't be directly addressed). I recently purchased a book that changed the way I look at the fashion world...for the better, of course! This got me thinking. I decided that this post would be a review of some of the best fashion inspired books I've seen. I encourage you to take a look at some of them.

First is The Teen Vogue Handbook. Vogue has always been known for their fantastic fashion spreads, expert camera and stylistic work, and out of this world editing (hence my idol, Anna Wintour). Teen Vogue is no different. With advice from fashion design pros like Marc Jacobs to Teen Vogue's editor-in-chief Amy Astley, this book is packed with tips on how to break into the business. I strongly recommend reading this one.

Next, Karl Lagerfeld: A Portrait of Dorian Gray. As fantastic as I expected Wilde's novel to be, I wasn't incredibly impressed. Yet, Lagerfeld has captured the essence of the story of a man who would rather trade his soul and moral beliefs for youth and beauty, and created it into a beautiful series of portraits. Fantastic! This one's a little pricey, about thirty-eight dollars.

World in Vogue. Again, greatness in photo form. This book captures the best of the best dressed in the industry. Almost as large of an inspiration as my fave fashion movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's," this one will resonate with you.

I absolutely adore Coco Chanel. Adore her. I've seen the lifetime movies, ogled at her original pieces, and continue to love the brand which Karl Lagerfeld has kept going with much expertise. (Yes, again with the Lagerfeld; he's a genius!) So my final pick is Chanel and Her World:Friends, Fashion, and Fame. She is a timeless designer and her story is also greatly inspirational. Another pricey one, about forty dollars. It's well worth it though--she is an icon, and she really rounded out twentieth century style.

Thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment or give any input on fashion inspired works that influence you.

xoxo Elise

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