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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Miss New Bootie

It's not what you're thinking! This article is in no way implying that you shouldn't eat to your tummy's content this holiday season or that you need exercise (exercise is no fun!). In fact, I had my iPod on shuffle and none other than "Miss New Booty" came up. This got me thinking. What if I did an article on my fave ankle boots from this season? And voila, a post! I hope you enjoy this compliation of my top 5 booties (in no particular order) of fall/winter 2009!

1. This ankle boot is not only one of my favorite booties, but also is a variation of my favorite flat boot. It is the Steve madden Jessii boot and is available on his website and wherever Steve Madden shoes are sold. Approx. $90.

2. Valentino. Enough Said. They'll cost you a pretty penny, about $950, but they are to die for. Just look at the studs! Ah-dorable. You can find them at shopstyle.com.

3. Steve Maddens again! (the Calliee flat) I just love these purple ankle boots and they pair well with denims and other neutrals. They are a great way to transition warm-weather clothes into winter and to add a splash of color to any look. Find them wherever Steve Madden is sold. Approx. $90. See Winterizing Your Closet.

4. Another impractical buy. Leave it to the website I found them on: farfetch.com These are so fabulous, though that I couldn't resist showing you! Note the detail of the sole, it mimicks a traditional style boot. However, feminie strap details and a flirty stilleto heel add just as much femininity as there is ferocity. Simply, these boots are love! These babies will cost you about $1300.

5. These booties are not only great for fall and winter but they work year round! Each pair is peep-toe which makes them an absolute essential for summer. Plus, if you can snag a black pair, you can use black tights with them. Please remember that usually, it is never ok to wear tights with open toed shoes. But, with these being peep-toed, it doesnt matter much. Only do this with the blackpair, however! You can find these at mydivascloset.com and they are the Madora boots. They'll run you about $38.

I hope you enjoyed these boots and find ways to incorporate similar ones into your wardrobes! Oh, and remember "a girl's just as hot as the shoes she Choos." :)

xoxo Elise

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  1. I love slouchy boots, they're so comfortable. And I'm LOVING those brown heelssss ! Fab.