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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Lesson in RTW

Hello Lovelies! Although I realize it is nowhere near spring or summer, I wanted to all give you a head start on the ins and outs of the season.

Before I dive in, I would like to define RTW for those of you who are lost in fashion translation. It's actually quite simple. RTW is an acronym the fashion world uses for ready-to-wear clothing. As you may or may not have noticed, many designers' lines do not look wearable. So, RTW's purpose is to present pieces that can be worn as outfits and are readily available to the consumer and to fashion buyers.

First is Marc Jacobs coverage. A friend sent me this photo from the website and I absolutely adore this outfit. It encompasses all of the cute elements that spring and summer allow for. More so, the neutral colors can be easily kept that way or paired with  brights to create a fresh look. As you can see the flannel and plaid aren't going away for a while, so if you have invested in or are pondering the purchase of plaid and flannel, go right ahead; it will serve you well.  Take note of the colors and patterns and even the textures. None of them match. That's an important lesson that RTW designers and the best fashionistas have mastered. Nothing must match. It can, but it is not necessary. This, however, is most definitely not an invitation to wear every neon bright you can possibly pile onto your body. Please don't. What I am saying is this:

PIECES SHOULD GO, NOT MATCH. Nothing kills me more than a pretty girl in head to toe print, pattern, or color, with no relief. This rule also applies to designers. As you noticed, I have been talking about Marc Jacobs, and the outfit above is entirely from his line. You don't need to be decked in all one brand or all in one store's clothing. Mixing it up creates options and some of the best and most unique looks.

Back to the purpose of Jacbos education, he really brings much of the past back. Yes, I am alluding to the eighties. I wasn't even born, and I know it was traumatic fashion to those who look back, but Mr. Jacobs is taking the geometrics, bright colors, and safari prints and transforming them into pants, tops, dresses, and accessories that any girl would envy. As is his typical style, he has some classic, polished items as well as his typical rocker-chic pieces and bags.

Stripes and florals are also abundant in the upcoming seasons if Jacobs is your thing. A majority of his looks are breezy and beach-y as well, with some pieces that we've seen before. A disappointing yawn. Despite this, though, he's fresh and gives off the vibe of someone who is effortlessly cool. A great fashion personality, above all else.

So take a look at his entire 2010 RTW line, its reMARCable. Hopefully, you'll draw some inspiration and find ways to add some flair to pieces you already own.

xoxo Elise

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