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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Only Leggings that Can Be Worn as Pants

Not everyone knows that leggings cannot be worn as pants.

Yes, I am talking to you, girl who wears a sequined tank top and a pair of black leggings with flip-flops out in public in the middle of winter in the Midwest.

Leggings are not pants. Do not wear them unless your dress or top hits below your butt.

But before I go into a rant about how much I hate it when people don't think before they walk out the door, I have a new development for all of the people who still like to wear leggings as pants.

I just recently purchased a pair of leggings, only they look like jeans. They are completely opaque and even have pocket and stitching details like a real pair of jeans. When I first bought them, I was intensely skeptical. I should not be wearing these as pants in any way shape or form.

So when I wore them for the first time, I played it safe and wore them with a long cowl neck sweater that I love dearly and also hits below my butt.

The response I received from everyone at the party was somewhat explosive. Everyone complimented me on my insanely well-fitted jeans. Little did they know, that they hugged in all the right places because they were actually made of a very stretchy medium and not actual denim.

This was enough to convince me to create a new fashion rule in my book: Leggings may only be worn as pants if they look enough like jeans to fool people.

- Jill

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