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Friday, December 11, 2009

Never Heat Style Again! Yes, I said it...

So just today I was having a conversation with my best friend about how I missed the time when my hair was naturally straight. As I've gotten older, my hair has become wavy/curly and a tad frizzy. So, humidity is my (and my straighener's) worst enemy.

Solution? It's in your genes.

Let's go back for a second to our days of biology. The strength of hair's Sulfur bonds determine whether or not your hair will be wavy or curly or straight. Specifically, the gene is trichohyalin, which helps in the growth of the hair follicle.

Ok, that was a nice second that surely you all don't want to relive; but nevertheless, that's what got this study going. And, because the answer is in your genes and is medically related, there could be a pill out there in the near future to make your hair straighter. Or, if you're over straight locks, there could be one that can give you the valuptuous volume and curl you crave. Sounds like the answer to my prayers!

So look out, and get ready for the straightest, most sleek, and fabulously curly hair ever! The plus, if you don't like your new look, just take the opposite one to reverse the effects.

Stay with us and we'll have the exclusive on everything, including when this oh-so-miraculous pill hits stores!

Love the idea? Hate the idea? We want to know!

Information from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

xoxo Elise

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