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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Death of the Art Deco Cuff

I love love love cuff bracelets. I don’t wear jewelry often, but when I do, a great cuff has always been my go-to piece. Unfortunately and tragically for those into the artsy, abnormalish, quirky type of jewelry, the cuff is dead.  
As I mentioned in my piece on prints, floral is in and just as capable of capturing the hearts of bracelet loving fashionistas and divas. Pre-spring is full of floral accents in every aspect. Clothing, fragrances (i.e. genius Marc Jacobs’ Lola and Daisy), bags, shoes (yes!), and jewelry of all types are picking up on the flower motif. I myself recently made a purchase of a cuff which looks similar to a leaf fossilized in metal and sprayed gold. I kind of love it. So try one out—they’re adorable and can be found at quite affordable prices at places like Forever 21.
I do predict a comeback for the future. Surely when the seasons pass, the art deco cuff will make a comeback. In the eighties everyone wished the “trends” (I’m still not quite sure that anything back then could have even be considered trendy but, whatever) would disappear and now, thirty-ish years later, it’s back. Another (but slight) tragedy in my book.


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