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Friday, January 01, 2010

Preppy and Patterns and Prints OH MY!

From the Versace Spring 2010 RTW Show in Milan (couture.com)

Although I know winter and the new year have just arrived, I am already awaiting spring. I fully understand that I'm getting ahead of myself, but here’s my reasoning:

1. I cannot stand cold.

2. The term “slushy” should only be used when referring to trips to the local 7/11 and makes driving a nightmare.

3. Fashion!!!!!!!!!!! I’m loving the concepts for Spring 2010 and so will you!

         Spring is all about the preppy. Pastels, ruffles, lace, and white are making spring 2010 my season of choice. Feminizing structure is also hot, and as many of you know, I’m a HUGE fan of structure.

         But for those of you who are less type A and OCD than me (and part of me is hoping that all of you are…), there are prints galore to experiment with to your heart’s content.

          As usual, we will be seeing spring’s staple, florals. They’ll be around for a while. Feminine and flirty, they are my print of choice. For a bit of a change, try florals in a more neutral taupe-y palate. That way, it will transition from winter into spring or from spring into fall feasibly. Geometrics are also back. Use them to your advantage as they can create super flattering silhouettes!
         My print-du-jour, however, is something I’ve never tried, but have gushed over after seeing them on the runways. Tribal Prints. I find charm in their pre-civilization chic and the array of colors that can go into them. Color is the key, as you can use it to create multicultural looks. Taupes, tans, yellows, and browns are proving to be popular as are aquas, bright, grassy greens, burgundies, rich, deep purples, and cobalt blues. Versace (see photo) does this quite well-implementing a modern and oh-so-chic twist. Fabulous!

Happy New Year again! I hope you’re looking forward to the upcoming year and season as much as I am, and don’t forget to Frock It Out in 2010!

xoxo Elise

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