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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fashion's NEW Ten Commandments

We've all heard em...don't wear white after Labor day, no navy and black, and the like. Get ready to see the changes fashion has brought you and try to keep away from fashion sins!

1.Thou can wear white after Labor day. Im being 100% serious. I grew up hearing that it was a fashion sin, but you can go ahead and do it. But be careful, white doesn't work well on most people as far as pants and skirts, but a dress is fine as long as it's paired with something muted such as a sweater or jacket.

2.Sticking with the white...WHITE SHOES ARE HUGE NO-NO and THOU SHALL NOT WEAR THEM! I cannot emphazie it enough. It might be okay if your getting married, but I siggest a metallic such as silver or pewter--whatever matches the rock on your hand. At graduation, wear beige shoes or cute sandals with your white dress.

3.Thou can wear navy and black together in moderation. If they're combined in a pattern on a top or dress, it's perfectly ok. Don't push it by doing a navy top and black bottoms or the whole tights and shoes deal. That will never work.

4.I love this one: "Sweetie, I know you want to look trendy, but piling all of the season's trends on your little body isn't working for you. Sorry." Translation: THOU SHALL NOT OVERKILL.

5.Thou shall not have VPL. This one's a classic. Please be careful with this ladies! It can ruin a gorgeous outfit.

6. Thou shall keep it classy. You don't need super short hemlines or tops cut down to your belly button to be sexy. I promise.

7. Thou shall resist the urge of bed head. Looking like you just rolled out of bed is never attractive. I honestly don't care if you just did. I screams messy, and that never makes a good first impression, or second, or third...

8. Thou shall see black as the new black. It is always in style. Always keep the basics: black tank, black tee, black long-sleeved tee, black cardigan, black pullover, black skirt, black pants, and of course, the little black dress. These will be go-to pieces, and, if you invest in good ones, they'll last you a while.

9.Thou shall not match your top and shoes. It's a bit tacky. Go for neutrals or for the color of the skirt/pants you're wearing. Stuck with shoe ideas for a dress? You can use whatever colors recurr in the pattern, assuming there is one. This goes for purses as well. A fantastic, well-structured bag in a great complementary color will add flair to any outfit.

10. Thou shall not go head-to-toe in one brand/color/pattern. Things should go, not necessarily match. I trust you to use your own judgement on this, though. We've alll seen that girl in all pink who looks like a bottle of pepto bismol or a walking advertisement for a particular store/designer.

Want more? Comment on the post with questions you have about fashion rules! We may even feature your question in a future post.

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