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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

If thou cannot work it, thou shall not wear it! Ring Day 2009

Although I love the simplicity that a uniform provides my routine, I live for the days when i get to get all dressed up for school. It saddens me, however when people with incredible fashion potential do not live up to it! It also saddens me that Jill and I did not get to take pics of our fabulous outfits. I fail to understand how people can make fashion mistakes. Some over do it and some ruin a great concept by not holding themselves well. Super Sad! Yet, among the fashion blunders, the girls who can't walk in shoes, VPL--the numero uno crime of fashion--and simply poorly put together outfits, I spot gems. Today was no exception. Whether it was a prim-and-proper frock made edgy with a pair of spiky heels, or the classic Aubrey black dress, I was impressed. It's pretty fantastic to see the girls' differences in style but to also see them unified over a show-stopping outfit. I live for the outfits that are individual, creative, and timeless and I envy those who can really get creative and produce something eccentric yet stunningly beautiful. So I urge you to share what you think the mortal sins of fashion are and what you think makes an outfit great. To quote a friend of my sister's (this is for you Ebere!), and our lovely subtitle,  "If thou cannot work it, thou shall not wear it!"

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