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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bleeding True Blue:Denim Plus....

Bleeding True Blue:Denim

From Harper's Bazaar's January 2010 Issue, Ralph Lauren SS 2010

I like denim. I love a great pair of jeans that fits well with a wash and cut that are beyond timeless (is that possible?!). I also like Ralph Lauren clothing....well, its more like love. So why in the world do I hate this picture? Denim overkill, ladies. I cannot emphasize enough how much I can't take overkill and how it ruins an outfit. I just cannot imagine myself or many other people I know trotting around in a denim blouse, a denim jacket, jeans, a denim hat, and the newly popular denim handbag. IT'S JUST TOO MUCH! And, it hurts my eyes. Just the other day I saw a woman wearing a look similar to this and I quite literally almost had a heart attack.

Regardless, I am not a fan of anything denim other than jeans or the occasional, well fitting, denim skirt. I know people have difering opinions and I'm not knocking other pieces at all, it's just not my personal taste. I think the best looks (and you will hear this from me time and time again), come from mixing and matching. I also think it comes from your knowledge of what works on your body type; and honestly, the head to toe denim isn't entirely figure-flattering on everyone.

Think I'm right? Think I'm completely crazy? Let me know via e-mail or the below comment box.

Things that Make Me Happy

There are bunches and bunches of things that make me happy:

reading, slurpees, shopping, fashion, the fashion industry, fashion week (and speaking of fashion week we're about three weeks away!), slurpees, fall, spring, accessories, handbags, shoes, Marc Jacobs, slurpees, days off, promotions, new stores, well dressed people, friends, family, slurpees......

The list could go on forever. One thing, in particular is a very fabulous slideshow by vogue which captures all of the upcoming and lovely things for spring in a mere 74 photos. Take a look:

Also, for those of you who swear by UGG boots, take a look at these alternatives...

10 Equally Functional But More Attractive Alternatives to UGGs

Some are better than others as you will see but it's always worthwhile to look into other options.

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