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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fashion Week: Installment 1

Images from www.mercedes-benzfashionweek.com.

Ahhh the fashion weeks are upon us. I'd like to shed some light on the week that some people completely ignore: Berlin Fashion Week.

The first designer that I'd like to put the spotlight on is (drumroll please!): Joop!

This German based designer has an awesomely sexy and has great appeal to all kinds of people. Do I think it's going to have some kind of influence on fashion in the states? Yes !

I mean, who can resist a bedazzled dress (I know I can't. Note my prom dress last year.)?

The look I especially love that is everywhere this year is the one shouldered brightly colored minidress. Totally appropriate for spring, summer, winter, or fall. Yes, yes I know this is for AW 10, but take the tights off add some sandals and you have a fun sundress!

The splotchy color on this one as well as the a-symmetrical neckline are especially appealing to me. I also especially like the clever fabric gathering around the middle, which makes this dress all around more wearable. And who doesn't like that?

All around, I'm in love with this whole line. I'm really looking forward to the other shows that are coming up.

I'm always looking to fall in love again.


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